The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment

When working in an industrial business such as factories, warehouses, construction sites, ships, buildings, etc., Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a requirement. In fact, laws are passed and implemented that would require these safety gears to be worn by workers at all times. Yes, these may be an added expense to a business but it has many benefits that would be very helpful in the long run. If you are running a business that requires workers to wear PPE, you must make sure that it is implemented and you provide the proper gear that your workers need.

TABLE SAW REVIEWS123Personal Protective Equipment includes gloves, masks, boots, eye protectors, harnesses and a whole lot more. Depending on the type of job that your workers will be doing, different kinds of PPE will be assigned to them. For example, in a construction site, workers usually need to wear boots and a helmet. Those who will be handling a saw that’s portable might even need eye protectors because sawdust entering the eyes might result to injury.

There are so many issues that may occur in a jobsite that could be anything between minor injuries to fatal injuries. Millions and billions of dollars are lost simply because the use of Personal Protective Equipment is taken for granted. If an injury has occurred in a jobsite, not only will your company incur medical expenses, you may even be required by law to provide financial support for the worker who is unable to work for a number of days, weeks, months or even years.

Furthermore, if an accident happens in a jobsite, this could result to loss of license for your business to operate. Say for example you have a business that cleans windows in building and you did not provide safety harnesses for your workers, an accident will definitely result to loss of your license because it is your responsibility to ensure that your workers are safe while on the job.

The problem with Personal Protective Equipment though is that it can affect how a worker does his job. It is highly possible for a worker’s mobility to be reduced because a certain type of clothing has to be worn. Accurate and precise work, done with the hands like woodworking becomes very difficult if the gloves are too thick and heavy. They need to be able to operate power tools. In some cases, there are workers allergic to a certain type of fabric and as the employer, it is your responsibility to find an alternative Personal Protective Equipment.

Finally, it is important to mention that as an employer, you need to educate your workers as well on the importance of Personal Protective Equipment. Though you may think that the purpose of PPE is actually obvious, some workers need to realize and learn about it even more. Without proper awareness, guidance, implementation and supervision, you might end up having a problem later on just because an employee failed to use their Personal Protective Equipment. Remember that it’s always better to be safe than sorry.