Five Healthy Ways to Gain Weight (if You Need To)

You probably heard it from everyone – why are you even struggling to gain weight when there are so many people in the world who are practically dying to have a body just like yours? It is understandable though that you want to gain weight. Probably you are way underweight and it is already unhealthy. Being underweight and overweight is just the same, both of them are unhealthy. And some people will probably never understand the need for one to gain weight in many cases but don’t mind them. You own your body and you are responsible for it.

If you want to gain weight, don’t just eat junk food and all the sweets and unhealthy things that will make you fat. There are so many ways to gain weight in a healthy manner. You probably also tried eating all those junk to no avail, right? So here are 5 ways that you can try and hopefully this will help you gain the weight you need!

1. Eat more often.

If you usually eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s time to pay attention and eat a lot more often than that. Since you’re underweight, you get full easily. Don’t wait until you’re hungry, because you don’t get hungry as often as other people. Eat as much as you can because feeling full all the time is not a good feeling either, so only eat enough. Eat in between meals. Perhaps every two hours, you can have a sandwich or a pack of biscuits or some cereal.

2. Eat slowly.

Make every bite count. Don’t be in a hurry. When you eat too fast, you get full faster. Eat slowly and let the nutrients of the food you eat get absorbed by your body.

3. Watch what you eat.

Choose vitamin and nutrient-rich foods. Instead of stuffing yourself with junk, eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruits contain sugar which should help you gain weight. It would also be great to choose delicious food. If food is delicious, then you will enjoy eating more. Since you’re aiming to gain weight, make it as enjoyable as possible.

4. Exercise!

Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 ReviewJust like for those who want to lose weight, exercising is important as well if you want to gain weight. Of course, you will be eating a lot of food. You can’t be healthy if you’re eating too much and not moving. You will end up sick. Sweat it out and as you burn the unhealthy fats, your body will gain the necessary muscles. Get on the elliptical machine, treadmill, lift weights – it’s really up to you, but for as long as you exercise, you should be on your way to a fitter and healthier body.

5. Drink protein shakes, milk, etc.

Ask your physician about the best kind of shakes or milk that you can drink to help you gain weight. It is important to ask for professional advice because a lot of these shakes and smoothies in the market today that you can make at home are not always safe for your health. You can go for healthy home-made shakes though such as those made from vegetables or fruits.

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