5 Valuable Office Things that Improve Your Workstation Experience

Working many hours in front of the computer does not have to be monotonous, dull, and boring. There are things that you can add to your workstation setup to liven things up and enhance your daily work routine.

Standing Desk

Sitting for hours and hours can be straining to the back, butt, and legs. And, according to studies, prolonged sitting can lead to some serious medical complications, such as chronic neck and back pains, organ damage, and muscle degeneration. Therefore, it is time to consider a standing desk.

By using a standing desk even for just a couple of hours a day, you can stretch out your back and legs, and avail of various health benefits, including lower risks of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and other metabolic problems.

Wall-Mounted Monitor

If your desk does not have enough space to accommodate all of the monitors that you need, you can go for a wall-mounted monitor. This is a creative solution to deal with limited space, and you can easily do it yourself.

You can use different mounting brackets, depending on your needs, including the low profile bracket (fixed position), the articulating bracket (also called the cantilever mount; enables swiveling to the right or left, and has a retractable arm); and the tilting bracket (allows downward tilting).


Printing documents and other things are a common day-to-day task in any office, so it is best to have a reliable printer that can do the efficiently do the job all day long.

3D Printer OverallThere are different types of printer, such as dot-matrix (creates letters, numbers, and characters using different combinations of dots), laser (employs the same kind of technology as copier machines to create high quality graphics, texts, and other characters), ink-jet (uses ink to produce graphics and texts on paper), and 3D (uses highly advanced technology to print three-dimensional objects using various materials, such as thermoplastics, rubbers, metal alloys, metal clays, and many more; end products are first created using 3D modeling and then printed and finished; check out Lady 3D for the best 3D printers and information on 3D printing, and see some great examples: http://www.lady3d.com/advanced-examples/).

Waterproof Keyboard

It is not uncommon for people to drink coffee or other beverages while working in front of their computers. And, many times, a lot of them get into accidents, such as knocking their mugs over and spilling the contents all over their keyboards and their desks. When this happens, cleaning up the mess can be a drag, and they also sometimes end up with ruined keyboards and desks.

With waterproof keyboards, you can keep working and not worry about the damages as these things can easily be cleaned and restored in good working condition in no time. Moreover, they can also be regularly disinfected with the use of something as simple as soap and water to wash off grime, dust, germs, and crumbs.

Cable Holders

Maintaining an organized work area can be a major hassle, especially if there are several devices around. Fortunately, there is a way for you to solve this problem — by using cable holders.

Cable holders and organizers may come in different colors, sizes, and designs, but they all do the same job: efficient cable management. Cables connecting your keyboard, mouse, webcam, monitors, and other devices to your network will no longer look like a tangled pile of mess. You can easily determine which cable is connected to which device in case you have to unplug or disconnect one of them.