Three More Reasons Why You Have No Excuses to Exercise While You Travel

Let me begin by giving you my background in weightlifting.
At age 27, I was 55 kilograms soaking wet, with a pot belly to boot. Furthermore, I was working night shifts, skipping breakfasts, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and eating fast food whenever I could. My sleep schedule was shot, and I was a sure candidate for heart disease and obesity….despite retaining my scrawny and pot-bellied frame.

Then I decided to start lifting weights. It wasn’t easy being the weakest guy in a room full of muscleheads, but I persevered. I didn’t necessarily eat right, but I ate to gain weight and bulk up. And so I worked my way to 70kg.

Until I had to go to Europe on tour for a month, which threatened to ruin all the progress I’ve made.
How frustrating can it be? Very extremely frustrating. Frustrating enough for someone like me to have to start from scratch. Until I found that I didn’t have to completely down tools and start from square one.

exerciseSee, it’s very easy to lose what motivates you in the first place to start lifting iron, especially when access to a proper gym isn’t readily available. After all, not all of us can afford to purchase an gym membership, nor do all the places we are in have gyms at our beck and call.

But then there is one thing you should always remember whenever you travel: your body is a gym. Furthermore, there are machines you can buy that you can take on the road, if you’re as serious as I am when it comes to lifting. Lastly, there is the ingenuity of the human mind: when there’s a will, there’s a way.

And there is a way for you to always be in shape no matter where you are, and no matter what the circumstances are.

Your Body is a Gym

Bodyweight exercises are some of the most underrated exercises that we usually take for granted. However, as you’ll find out when you start having to travel for a living, your body is your best friend. And there a multitude of exercises you can do. It can be simple as a set of push-ups and sit-ups. It can be as simple as doing squats. It could be simple as doing planks and knee tucks. It can be as simple as combining all of these in a workout. There’s no limit to whta you can do with bodyweight exercises; just the ones you imagine.

Bring a Portable Machine

If you’re focusing on your back, you would know that a water rowing machine gives you the best all round exercise. Trouble is though, there aren’t any portable water rowing machines available yet, but there are ones for simple rowing exercises, such as the Stamina Trac Glider 1050, which folds for portability. It’s easier than ever to take an exercise machine on the road. There are portable chin-up bars you can take anywhere that you could easily hook up in any hotel room. They’re easy to stow in your car’s trunk, ready to go at a drop of a hat.

Whatever It Takes

Human ingenuity will always find a way to do something that needs to be done, provided that one really wants to do it; so, next time you find yourself in a remote part of the world, go out of your comfort zone and find a place that has a serviceable set of iron for you to work on. It can’t be that hard. Whether you are in the busy streets of Manila, the alleyways of Madagascar, or the muddy banks of the Mississippi, there’s always going to be someone who will be able to help you. That is, if you’re willing to help yourself.

You’ve just run out of excuses. Next time you’ll be out of the country or city for a while, keep these things in mind – you’ll thank yourself you did.

5 Valuable Office Things that Improve Your Workstation Experience

Working many hours in front of the computer does not have to be monotonous, dull, and boring. There are things that you can add to your workstation setup to liven things up and enhance your daily work routine.

Standing Desk

Sitting for hours and hours can be straining to the back, butt, and legs. And, according to studies, prolonged sitting can lead to some serious medical complications, such as chronic neck and back pains, organ damage, and muscle degeneration. Therefore, it is time to consider a standing desk.

By using a standing desk even for just a couple of hours a day, you can stretch out your back and legs, and avail of various health benefits, including lower risks of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and other metabolic problems.

Wall-Mounted Monitor

If your desk does not have enough space to accommodate all of the monitors that you need, you can go for a wall-mounted monitor. This is a creative solution to deal with limited space, and you can easily do it yourself.

You can use different mounting brackets, depending on your needs, including the low profile bracket (fixed position), the articulating bracket (also called the cantilever mount; enables swiveling to the right or left, and has a retractable arm); and the tilting bracket (allows downward tilting).


Printing documents and other things are a common day-to-day task in any office, so it is best to have a reliable printer that can do the efficiently do the job all day long.

3D Printer OverallThere are different types of printer, such as dot-matrix (creates letters, numbers, and characters using different combinations of dots), laser (employs the same kind of technology as copier machines to create high quality graphics, texts, and other characters), ink-jet (uses ink to produce graphics and texts on paper), and 3D (uses highly advanced technology to print three-dimensional objects using various materials, such as thermoplastics, rubbers, metal alloys, metal clays, and many more; end products are first created using 3D modeling and then printed and finished; check out Lady 3D for the best 3D printers and information on 3D printing, and see some great examples:

Waterproof Keyboard

It is not uncommon for people to drink coffee or other beverages while working in front of their computers. And, many times, a lot of them get into accidents, such as knocking their mugs over and spilling the contents all over their keyboards and their desks. When this happens, cleaning up the mess can be a drag, and they also sometimes end up with ruined keyboards and desks.

With waterproof keyboards, you can keep working and not worry about the damages as these things can easily be cleaned and restored in good working condition in no time. Moreover, they can also be regularly disinfected with the use of something as simple as soap and water to wash off grime, dust, germs, and crumbs.

Cable Holders

Maintaining an organized work area can be a major hassle, especially if there are several devices around. Fortunately, there is a way for you to solve this problem — by using cable holders.

Cable holders and organizers may come in different colors, sizes, and designs, but they all do the same job: efficient cable management. Cables connecting your keyboard, mouse, webcam, monitors, and other devices to your network will no longer look like a tangled pile of mess. You can easily determine which cable is connected to which device in case you have to unplug or disconnect one of them.

Five Healthy Ways to Gain Weight (if You Need To)

You probably heard it from everyone – why are you even struggling to gain weight when there are so many people in the world who are practically dying to have a body just like yours? It is understandable though that you want to gain weight. Probably you are way underweight and it is already unhealthy. Being underweight and overweight is just the same, both of them are unhealthy. And some people will probably never understand the need for one to gain weight in many cases but don’t mind them. You own your body and you are responsible for it.

If you want to gain weight, don’t just eat junk food and all the sweets and unhealthy things that will make you fat. There are so many ways to gain weight in a healthy manner. You probably also tried eating all those junk to no avail, right? So here are 5 ways that you can try and hopefully this will help you gain the weight you need!

1. Eat more often.

If you usually eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s time to pay attention and eat a lot more often than that. Since you’re underweight, you get full easily. Don’t wait until you’re hungry, because you don’t get hungry as often as other people. Eat as much as you can because feeling full all the time is not a good feeling either, so only eat enough. Eat in between meals. Perhaps every two hours, you can have a sandwich or a pack of biscuits or some cereal.

2. Eat slowly.

Make every bite count. Don’t be in a hurry. When you eat too fast, you get full faster. Eat slowly and let the nutrients of the food you eat get absorbed by your body.

3. Watch what you eat.

Choose vitamin and nutrient-rich foods. Instead of stuffing yourself with junk, eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruits contain sugar which should help you gain weight. It would also be great to choose delicious food. If food is delicious, then you will enjoy eating more. Since you’re aiming to gain weight, make it as enjoyable as possible.

4. Exercise!

Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 ReviewJust like for those who want to lose weight, exercising is important as well if you want to gain weight. Of course, you will be eating a lot of food. You can’t be healthy if you’re eating too much and not moving. You will end up sick. Sweat it out and as you burn the unhealthy fats, your body will gain the necessary muscles. Get on the elliptical machine, treadmill, lift weights – it’s really up to you, but for as long as you exercise, you should be on your way to a fitter and healthier body.

5. Drink protein shakes, milk, etc.

Ask your physician about the best kind of shakes or milk that you can drink to help you gain weight. It is important to ask for professional advice because a lot of these shakes and smoothies in the market today that you can make at home are not always safe for your health. You can go for healthy home-made shakes though such as those made from vegetables or fruits.

More information at:
Indoor Ellipticals
Nutrition Stripped

Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast

It is the most important meal of the day—we’ve heard and read about this all the time so by now, you know that you should never skip breakfast. However, a lot of us still do. After all, catching a few more minutes of sleep in the morning feels so good than having to get up, cook or prepare breakfast and eat it afterwards. It’s about time we change this habit though because as much as sleep is important for the body, food is essential too. You can never replace breakfast with a quick mid-morning snack or heavy lunch.

Putting something in the toaster oven is quick and easy, it doesn’t require great cooking skills but you’re still getting a breakfast which is tasteful and healthy. At Oven Shopper, you’ll find information and reviews on toaster ovens that are of a great help if you’re thinking of buying one. If you must cook, then you just have to wake up extra early.

Start Your Day Right with a Heavy Meal

Ask any health professional or gym instructor. The only way you can stay healthy and fit at the same time is if you eat healthy. You can’t skip breakfast just because you want to lose weight. This isn’t going to happen. You need to eat regularly. You need energy to last an entire day. Without eating breakfast, your mornings would be dragging. You’ll be too hungry by lunchtime so you tend to eat more. By the time you’re done with a very heavy lunch, you feel too heavy and even sleepy. If your morning wasn’t that great and you’re feeling heavy in the afternoon, then you have just wasted an entire day that could have been great.

Breakfast Time Can Be Your Thinking Time

Microwave Oven ReviewsYou need to have time to think and reflect about the day ahead before you even start it. If you do this in bed, you might end up falling asleep again. Multi-task instead and schedule this thinking time during breakfast. you might even spare some extra time, for instants to prepare something for lunch or dinner already. Throw something in the food processor and keep it in the fridge until you need it. It saves you time afterwards. Plan your day and think about what you will wear, what you will say during the client presentation, where you will have lunch, etc. You can even think about the day before and remind yourself of the things you missed out and would have to make up for today. If yesterday was awesome, then take time to congratulate yourself. Think about how that went well and how you can do better today.

Stay Fit and Healthy

As mentioned above, eating healthy makes you fit and healthy. Eating regular meals is a must as well. To keep your metabolism moving, you need to eat. If you thought that skipping meals can make you slimmer, then you’re wrong. You need to have food intake at least every 3 hours. You don’t have to eat a lot though. Just don’t go hungry. Going hungry means having to eat more than you’re supposed to and when you’re done, you are feeling too bloated and heavy. You’ll be surprised that a few hours after, you’re hungry again so you eat a lot once again. It will just be a cycle that goes on and on. So if you already had your breakfast in the morning, you can expect that the rest of the day will be normal.

It is easy to prepare breakfast. You don’t have to cook all the time especially if you’re rushing. You can have a bowl of cereal or oatmeal. If you have a toaster oven, you can toast bread or even cook some sausages and ham. That shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment

When working in an industrial business such as factories, warehouses, construction sites, ships, buildings, etc., Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a requirement. In fact, laws are passed and implemented that would require these safety gears to be worn by workers at all times. Yes, these may be an added expense to a business but it has many benefits that would be very helpful in the long run. If you are running a business that requires workers to wear PPE, you must make sure that it is implemented and you provide the proper gear that your workers need.

TABLE SAW REVIEWS123Personal Protective Equipment includes gloves, masks, boots, eye protectors, harnesses and a whole lot more. Depending on the type of job that your workers will be doing, different kinds of PPE will be assigned to them. For example, in a construction site, workers usually need to wear boots and a helmet. Those who will be handling a saw that’s portable might even need eye protectors because sawdust entering the eyes might result to injury.

There are so many issues that may occur in a jobsite that could be anything between minor injuries to fatal injuries. Millions and billions of dollars are lost simply because the use of Personal Protective Equipment is taken for granted. If an injury has occurred in a jobsite, not only will your company incur medical expenses, you may even be required by law to provide financial support for the worker who is unable to work for a number of days, weeks, months or even years.

Furthermore, if an accident happens in a jobsite, this could result to loss of license for your business to operate. Say for example you have a business that cleans windows in building and you did not provide safety harnesses for your workers, an accident will definitely result to loss of your license because it is your responsibility to ensure that your workers are safe while on the job.

The problem with Personal Protective Equipment though is that it can affect how a worker does his job. It is highly possible for a worker’s mobility to be reduced because a certain type of clothing has to be worn. Accurate and precise work, done with the hands like woodworking becomes very difficult if the gloves are too thick and heavy. They need to be able to operate power tools. In some cases, there are workers allergic to a certain type of fabric and as the employer, it is your responsibility to find an alternative Personal Protective Equipment.

Finally, it is important to mention that as an employer, you need to educate your workers as well on the importance of Personal Protective Equipment. Though you may think that the purpose of PPE is actually obvious, some workers need to realize and learn about it even more. Without proper awareness, guidance, implementation and supervision, you might end up having a problem later on just because an employee failed to use their Personal Protective Equipment. Remember that it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

How to Make Homemade Pesto Deliciously

pesto makingPesto is just so delicious. Its aroma when you’re cooking something with pesto and the moment you have a taste is just a heavenly feeling. While you can easily buy a jar of ready-made pesto, you never really know what’s in there. There might be preservatives or chemicals that could be harmful to your health. Now, pesto is supposed to be a healthy ingredient so if you want to make sure that you will get the healthiest serving, you need learn how to make it yourself. Start planting basil in your garden now because soon, you will learn how to make pesto from scratch!

Preparation of Ingredients

Before you begin making your very own homemade pesto, just like in most recipes, you need to prepare the ingredients first. These are pretty simple actually—basil leaves from your garden, nuts (pine, almonds or walnuts will all do), 3 to 4 cloves of garlic, lemon (zest and juice), grated parmesan cheese, black pepper, salt and olive oil. Make sure that you remove the stems and flowers of the basil leaves and wash it thoroughly to remove any dirt that may be left behind. You also need to air dry the basil before you can begin with the real process.

Making the Pesto

To make a truly tasty serving of pesto sauce, all ingredients must be chopped and sliced finely and mixed thoroughly. However, it’s just so difficult to do that with just a knife and a chopping board. You need a food processor, even a small one, for you to do this. Virginia has already been looking for a top rated food processor and shares all that information with you on her website. Let’s say you came up with about 4 or 5 cups of basil leaves from your garden, place all these inside the food processor. Add pine nuts, almonds or walnuts—whichever is available (toast these nuts if you could!). Add 3 or 4 cloves of garlic and the lemon zest. Place on top a cup of grated parmesan cheese, a pinch of ground black pepper and about two pinches of salt. Seal the food processor and pour in a cup of olive oil on top. Turn on the food processor and mix all ingredients together until the pesto becomes smooth.

Storing the Pesto

Now that you already have the perfect pesto mixture, you just need to store it. You have more than enough for pasta, bread and a whole lot of other recipes now. You can put some in a small jar and store in your refrigerator so that it’s kept smooth and soft. To make your pesto last longer, you can place it in the freezer. However, it could be difficult to scoop some from a frozen tub of pesto so another great way to store it—use an ice tray. Pour the pesto mixture over an ice tray and freeze. When you already have pesto ice cubes, you can transfer these to a food container or a Ziplock for easy storage! You can even store some in pretty little jars, decorate with a ribbon and these could make great gifts for the holidays!

How to Wave, Curl or Flip Hair Quickly and Easily

If you are a spontaneous girl who does not stay with the same kind of looks for very long, you need to have your wardrobe full of different clothes and your make up drawer full of various makeup and hair styling accessories. However, this can be a challenging task, if you are not blessed with plenty of money to spend. Buying various clothes, jewelry items, make up, and hair styling accessories to match your styling needs can be made easy if you make the right choices.

Like in the woodworking industry, there is a variety of tools to get the job done. One way to do it, as far as hair styling accessories are concerned is to go with the multi-tasking tools that can do various jobs for you. If you choose a single tool that can do more than just one job, you will be able to save a lot of money and time and still be able to carry on with your styling passion.
Let us have a look at a hair styling tool that gives you the freedom to wave, curl or flip your hair quickly and easily without stretching your budget.

Curling Tools

Curling ToolsAlthough in looks a curling wand may resemble like a curling iron, but in performance and functionality it is way different than the curling iron. It is much easier to use and it can easily create loose and relaxed waves or curls anytime you want, regardless of the length of your hair or how dry it is. A curling wand can help you create nice waves and curls or help you flip your hair effortlessly. They are considered to be a girl’s best friend because girls are able to use it for creating the poker-straight looks or transform their curly hair into those sexy tresses. They come in various shapes and sizes, but they basically function as hair dryers and straighteners. It is the size of the barrel that makes all the difference. If you want lose and long curls, you need to go with a bigger barreled curling wand, if short and too much waves look great on you, you need to go for the smaller barreled curling wand.

If you are aiming for that professional look that you get when you come out from a professional hair salon, you need to make sure to divide your hair in different sections, use a heat protector and heat frizzy curls with a nano ceramic tool to get a divine look. Curls and waves created by using a good curling wand tend to hold for longer periods of time.

A Detailed Look at the Pros and Cons of Airbeds

An airbed, also known as an air mattress, is a type of mattress which is inflated with air in order to be used. They are mostly made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and some are made of rubber or urethane plastic. Airbeds are popular because they can be inflated and used whenever required and they can be deflated and rolled up to a smaller size when you don’t to use need them. Just like any other bed, the airbed like the ones from Intex have their own benefits and drawbacks which are discussed below. By reading them, you will be able to make an informed decision about what you should expect and what you should not expect from buying an airbed.


  1. Portability

    air bedsAs stated above, airbeds offer the advantage of being portable so that you can carry them wherever you want. Airbeds are popular for camping trips and people who like to travel. They can carry their bed wherever they want and enjoy a good night’s sleep. You can also deflate it and keep it wherever you like when you don’t require it in your home.

  2. Comfortability

    Airbeds provide a comfortable sleep because you are able to set the firmness of the bed on your own. This is done by adding as much or as little air according to your requirement. The bed automatically adjusts to the curves of your body, reducing pains and aches. Airbeds are also known to provide a relief from back pain but are not the best.

  3. Durability

    While the fabric used to make the airbed might seem thin, it can prove to be a durable choice if you take care of it. According to Sleep on Air,
    airbeds can withstand more weight as compared to a normal bed and can also last as long. The time that it lasts depends on how you use it and how much you take care of it.

  4. Economical

    Airbeds are also cheap as compared to what a normal bed costs but they offer the same advantages. So, they are a cheap solution for a good night’s sleep. Apart from that, you can keep an airbed as a temporary bed in your home, so that whenever you have guests, you can accommodate them without the need of having to purchase an expensive bed.


  1. Short Warranty

    Airbeds usually have a short warranty, so if anything goes wrong with it, you will have to pay for the repair. The repair cost is usually the same as that of purchasing a new one, so it’s a better idea to get a new one instead or repairing the old one.

  2. Clamorous Pump

    The pump that is used to inflate air in the airbed might produce a lot of noise if you buy a cheap airbed. The noise is short though, because the airbed doesn’t require much time to be inflated and you can deal with it. If not, you can buy an expensive one from a good brand.

  3. Faulty Pumps

    The pump has the tendency to become faulty, so you will have to get it repaired if it’s a built-in pump. If your airbed has an external pump, then you can easily get a new one for as cheap as $15.

Additional Power Tools for Woodworkers That Always Come In Handy

Woodworking is a great profession and if you are already in it, then you will know how valuable power tools are. Power tools make woodworking projects a lot easier and in this modern world, they are needed to complete woodworking projects faster as compared to using hand tools. They can be expensive and you can’t buy all of them at once, so there are some essential power tools that should be bought such as table saw, circular saw, jigsaw, power drill and router. Apart from these, there are many other additional power tools that can come in handy for different tasks. If you are a woodworker, then you might be looking to add some more power tools to your arsenal apart from the essential power tools. Take a look at the list below to know about some additional power tools.

  1. Nail GunNail Gun

    The first and foremost additional power tool that you should purchase is a nail gun. The sole purpose of this tool is to drive nail into wood or some other material. You will be thinking that a hammer can do this too; but at Air Compressor Spy you will find the pro’s and con’s of a nailgun and everything else you need to know about nailguns.
    Nail guns are used where you have a lot of nailing work to do and will really save a lot of time.

  2. Air Compressor

    The second tool that you should buy is the air compressor. There are a lot of tools that require air compressors to power them up for use, the most common being the pneumatic nail gun. Air compressors come in a wide variety of sizes and power. The average woodworker shouldn’t require a high power air compressor.

  3. Cordless Drill

    While corded drills are essential because they provide more power, cordless drills can be a great choice too because of their portability. Cordless drills don’t have that much power as a corded one but you can find some high powered ones which will be able to tackle most of the tasks. If you have to do drilling task at a place where you corded drill won’t be able to reach, then the cordless drill becomes really useful.

  4. Random Orbital Sander

    A random orbital sander is a great sander which is used to create uniform sanded surfaces. It operates in a random back and forth motion which allows it to produce a smooth sanded surface without any sanding marks. Whenever you are going to buy a random orbital sander, make sure that you can also get various sanding disk for the model that you buy.

  5. Woodworking Vacuum

    Keeping your workshop clean is not only good for your health but it will also allow you to work properly. You will produce a lot of wood dust in your workshop or wherever you work and you certainly need to clean it. Doing it manually can take a lot of time, so you should get a woodworking vacuum that is able to clean all the wood dust from your workshop.

These were just some of the additional tools that you can choose to buy, there are a lot of other tools which you can also consider.